First Walk of the Year

First Walk of the Year

Yesterday’s beautiful weather disappeared and today was gray and cold. But I was determined to get out and walk so I bundled the girls into coats, hats, and boots and tuck them in the stroller. Not that either one took much persuading. They both get so excited when I start to make motions that we’re leaving. It’s nothing new for Bella but a recent development for Sophie who used to scream at her coat being put on. I think the new car seat arrangement helps. She hated being strapped into the baby carrier that locked into the car seat base. Being carried to the car and strapped into a car seat agrees with her much more.

Anyway, to give shape and purpose to our walk, we headed to the post office. It’s only about four blocks away and I’ve actually put off going there this winter just because it almost didn’t seem worth it to go through the huge production of getting all bundled up to drive such a short distance. But walking wasn’t an option as long as the sidewalks were choked with snow. The recent thaw has cleared up the lingering drifts and now our jumbo double stroller can navigate the neighborhood once again.

My sister came along and we all had a jolly time. I finally got my material sent off for the virtual quilting bee. Should have done that weeks ago, but I’m a procrastinator. I knew it would be late. I mailed a couple of books too. We came straight home because it was too chilly to stay out long. I’d originally thought of maybe continuing to the library or maybe even the playground. Maybe if we have another nice day later in the week….

Sophie fell asleep on the way home. I love it when they do that. Though she slept through my removing her coat, she woke when I tried to put her in the crib. Ah well.

The front beds are now full of crocus blooms and it looks like some other flowers are poking up in the back too. Maybe tulips? I can’t tell for sure by the leaves. That bed looks like it might need to have a statue of Mary placed among the flowers. If only I can find a nice outdoor statue for not too much….

Dom is busy planning a vegetable garden. He’s planted tomatoes and peppers in flats on the kitchen table and we have basil and cilantro sprouting in the kitchen window. Such excitement!


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