Spring is Here

Spring is Here

A nice springy Sunday afternoon. Time to open the doors and go outside. I poked my head out to check the progress of my crocuses. There are now about a dozen of them blooming and more poking up promising an even greater profusion of color by next weekend.

Dom fixed the back gate which has been dragging. He took off the old hinges which were too small and poorly affixed and replaced them with new, larger ones. Now our gate finally opens and closes with ease!

Dom’s mother and sister Francesca, who live in Maine, dropped by for an unexpected visit. They’d been visiting other family in the area and decided to swing by to see us, bringing one of our nieces who is a year older than Bella. It was nice to see them, even if the girls weren’t exactly sure how to play together yet.

Yesterday we bought some new patio furniture for the patio Dom hopes to build this spring. The afternoon sunlight was just too enticing so after Bella went down for a nap we pulled out two of the chairs, spread a blanket on the grass for Sophia, and sat outside for a while. We were curious about whether Sophie would be the kind of baby to stay on the blanket or a roving explorer. She stayed very firmly planted on the blanket, though she did pick up a few leaves and sticks and held them up for our inspection.

Then Dom’s brother Bernie also dropped in for a visit. He was out for a ride on his motorcycle and decided to stop and say hi. Sophie immediately panicked and spent his entire visit pressed to my shoulder but perked up again after he left.

Spring in New England being what it is, as soon as the sun began to drop, the temperature rapidly fell and we retreated back to the house. Still, it’s nice to have had a little preview of coming attractions.

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