Sunny Sophia

Sunny Sophia


A collection of photos I took of Sophia the other day. Such a happy girl!

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  • I find that I like facebook, but I’ve also noticed that it’s precipitated a much more terse form of conversation than blogs.

    I don’t find a substitute for blogging in facebook either, but I think for many people it’s a reasonable replacement.  But I feel it misses the sense of style, depth and some serious forms of conversation.

    But it’s nice to be able to say “Hi, how’s it going?” too.  So it stays grin

  • “I’m starting to feel overwhelmed and wishing Facebook would allow me to keep people as friends but manage whose status messages appear in my feed.”

    You can do this!  It’s changing (tomorrow?) Says, “You can control who appears here.” Here=in your stream.

    Currently, you can control this by going to your home page and clicking on the little down arrow to the left of the news feeds, status updates, etc. tabs.  Then select which friends list feeds you want to see!

  • I really enjoyed reading through this thoughtful post.

    In a way it is like life magnified – some people like a few close friends, and others like lots of acquaintances.  Me – I would rather sit down with a cup of tea and a blog!

    I guess they are like all tools – you need to use them but not let them use you!