Sophie’s First Birthday

Sophie’s First Birthday

A video of our little family party:

Sophia’s 1st Birthday from Domenico Bettinelli on Vimeo.

Sophia had a bit of the chocolate buttercream frosting; but because of her wheat intolerance, she didn’t have any cake. Really, we all know that the cake and candle and presents were part of the ritual that was mainly for Bella’s benefit this year. She’s become obsessed with birthdays, which I take it is very common at this age and is certainly reinforced by Pooh and the story of Eeyore’s birthday.

Bella enjoyed making a cake for her little sister and can’t wait for her own birthday party. Sophie did enjoy her licks of frosting and seems to like her new board books.

One of today’s highlights for me was reading Dom’s birthday musings: A Year with Sophia. Oh well said! And I love the photo.

My heart is so full today, too full for words to express, as I go back through my blog archive and re-read and remember a year ago and try and hold in my mind all the 365 intervening days and how much she has grown and changed, becoming more and more herself, how much we have grown and changed. The paradoxical feeling that is becoming familiar: it seems like just yesterday, how time has flown, and yet I can’t imagine my life without her.

I spent an hour at the hospital this morning lying on a table having a doctor stick needles into my neck and I couldn’t help but recall the hour or so I spent on an operating table on this day last year. With a much happier result, of course. A c-section isn’t pleasant; but oh what a joy it was to hold my Sophia. And what a joy she has continued to be. May we all celebrate many, many, many happy returns of this day.

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