Prayers for Jennifer

Prayers for Jennifer

Tomorrow is the big day, my dear friend Jennifer of Conversion Diary blog is being induced and her little baby girl will be born.

Abigail is collecting a spiritual bouquet of prayers. Click on over to add your thoughts for Jen.

We had the very great pleasure of visiting with Jen on our recent trip to Austin. She is just as friendly and beautiful in person as she is on her blog. And as Abigail has mentioned, she’s written about her anticipated trial of induced labor while immobilized in special blood-clot preventing boots. (I’ve worn those boots for my c-sections, can’t imagine trying to push through labor while wearing them.)

Jennifer will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Bella and I will be sure to offer up a special rosary for her.

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  • Do you think it has more to do with talking in itself or with wanting to be active part of your “grown-up world”? As for the “incessant whining, complaining and interruptions”, looking at my two kids I think it’s pretty standard todder fare! (Unless you know she’s usually different.) I once read in a book that having a toddler in your life is a bit like being stalked: they go where you go, they want to do what you do, etc. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it can drive parents nuts… My husband and I are always joking that young children are just doing their job – helping us become saints!

  • I read your blog often and have only commented a few times.  Just wanted to let you know that we are in the same boat.  I believe your Bella and my Beau are the same age.  When he whines I was telling him a better way to ask for what he wants and in what tone of voice having him repeat after me.  But I have just resorted to taking toys away after doing the previous teaching for a few months.  The whys every five minutes and in response to answering his other questions are what really irritate me at the moment.  Sometimes I just don’t have an answer and I just want the whys to stop.  I wish I had some advice but I don’t; I hope it is just a phase.

  • Melanie,
    My Gabriel is a talker and always wanted to join in our conversations.  He’s gotten much better [we tried teaching to say excuse me when we’re talking with spotty success] as he gets older.  He’s 3 1/2 so I think by the time he’s 13 he’ll be done.  Just remember as she’s driving you crazy that this stage of being interested in you and what you are doing isn’t going to last.  Try not to let it get you too crazy to appreciate her.  I say that as I pull clumps of my hair out as he jumps on the mattress as he’s tryint to ‘help’ me make the bed.