I’ll See You in My Dreams…

I’ll See You in My Dreams…

Following up on my earlier post on vivid pregnancy dreams…. (By the way, what’s up with that? Is it something about the hormones or just the fact that if you wake up every few hours to use the bathroom you’re more likely to remember your dreams?) Anyway, the recent trend in my dreams seems to be dreaming about other Catholic mom bloggers.

One night I dreamed that I was at Elizabeth Foss’ house. For some reason I was observing her homeschool. It almost felt like I was a reporter writing a story. I sat and worked with all the kids on a craft for a Marian feast day. A collage image of the Blessed Mother with lots of gold leaf. Of course, none of the details were at all accurate. Elizabeth didn’t even look like her photos, which I remember noting in the dream. Very odd. I guess I’ve been thinking about Elizabeth recently.

Then another night I dreamed about Rachel Balducci. She was with some of her boys at a laundromat. They were folding laundry and I think one of the boys threw a boot at another one. All the pipes and plumbing fixtures in the laundromat were bright pink.

This dream seems pretty obvious. I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about having a boy and the two bloggers I follow who write quite a bit about life with boys are Rachel and Suzanne Temple. (I haven’t dreamed about Suzanne yet. Maybe she’s next.) I’m especially amused about the pink plumbing. I’m sure Freud would have a field day with that detail.

Oh yeah, and the trend started with one of those other pregnancy anxiety dreams about being at a party and not able to find the crying baby. One of those took place at what was evidently a swank cocktail party at Jen’s house. I was so caught up in great conversations I didn’t really want to go find the baby; but I knew I needed to find her. Come to think of it, reading Jen’s blog sometimes feels like being at a party with lots of interesting conversation. I’m also sure that Jen would be amused that in my dream her home was a gigantic luxury condo loft with designer kitchen and the coolest playrooms I’ve ever seen.

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  • lol I didn’t need that image in my mind but you are so right on!  I’ll not be able to read it in the same way again.  Have you noticed the picture of the bunny fisherman fishing for a little bunny?

  • Syra,

    I have and it used to puzzle me. But I think the image of the bunny fisherman is from <i>The Runaway Bunny</a>, which is also by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd. See these pages on Google Book Search. It’s not a book I’ve read but I glanced at it once at my sister-in-law’s house and recognized the image.

    It makes me wonder if the three bears also appear in another Hurd book.