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Bella Plays Outside

I’m trying to be better at getting Bella outside for a little bit each day to get some fresh air and reduce cabin fever. A few anecdotes from today’s adventures. . . . I was nursing Sophia down for her nap in the bedroom, Bella was out in the backyard playing. I heard an odd […]

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Bedtime at the Bettinelli House

The other night Dom took this video as we were getting Isabella ready for bed. A typical evening in our 21st century household with us talking about blogging and a variety of other topics as I braid Isabella’s hair. A little behind the scenes peek at the world behind the words for those of you […]

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A Dream

Since the beginning of this pregnancy I’ve had this recurring dream. I’ve had it at least half a dozen times. It’s never really the same dream; but the theme, the problem, the emotion at the heart of the dream is always the same. I’m at some sort of party or gathering. Once it was a […]

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A Mini Rabbit Trail

I mean a Pooh trail. We read Pooh every day. Once at nap time, once at bedtime. We all know the stories intimately. Isabella lives them out in her imaginative play. And Dom and I find ourselves talking in Pooh-isms and wondering and pondering about many things Pooh. Tonight we got to wondering about a […]

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Appointments, appointments, appointments. I can’t keep them all straight. I got confused and thought the ultrasound was this week. Dom took off work and came with me to the OB…. For a routine check up. I realized when they ushered us into a regular exam room. They must have wondered why he came.  Ultrasound will […]

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Book Review Roundup

I’m backed up on my book reviews. I read a few when in Texas that I’ve not written about and a few since we got back as well. So I thought I’d do a roundup of the ones I’ve missed so far. The Secret Life of Lobsters by Trevor Corson This was Corson’s first book […]

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Sophia on the Move

Sophia is now officially mobile and in full-on explorer mode. I put her down this morning in the dining room when she was done with breakfast. She wandered into the living room and tormented Bella by trying to take all the crayons out of Bella’s coffee table drawer. (I suggested it’s time to find another […]

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Sick Sophie

I took Sophie to the doctor today because I noticed some blisters on her tongue on Sunday (one of her current favorite games is to stick out her tongue at people) and she’s been acting cranky and like it hurts to eat. She acts very hungry, and she clearly wants food—when I suggest her favorite […]

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Bella’s Play Time

Today the Bookworm has a post up about her little Cherub’s play time. Cherub is just about the same age as Bella and I love comparing the two of them. It is interesting to me how similar their play times are. Bella is doing lots of imaginary play too. She spends most of her time […]

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Book Review: The Taking by Dean Koontz

Borrowed from my mom’s bookshelf while we were in Texas. The first chapter openly acknowledges a debt to M. Night Shyamalan, Stephen King and Stephen Spielberg. I most clearly saw echoes of Signs, there’s a flavor of Close Encounters and I don’t know King well enough to pick up on the influence, though I can […]

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