Appointments, appointments, appointments. I can’t keep them all straight. I got confused and thought the ultrasound was this week. Dom took off work and came with me to the OB…. For a routine check up. I realized when they ushered us into a regular exam room. They must have wondered why he came. 

Ultrasound will be next Thursday. Fortunately, I think he’ll be able to make that one too. I wish my brain didn’t get so mushy when I’m pregnant.

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  • I think I would go for the pignuts explanation, as otherwise “nuts and may” makes no more sense than “nuts and May”, given that may flowers in April or May.

    I utterly adored Pooh when I was Bella’s age. We moved house the day after my 3rd birthday and I had Winnie-the-Pooh wallpaper in my new room. I loved that paper! Angel enjoyed Pooh, but never to that level, and Star never got into it. I think I will dig a Pooh book out and try it on Cherub again.