Spring Cleaning in February

Spring Cleaning in February

I’ve been feeling more and more energy and less and less nausea in the past two weeks. I think getting to Texas was a huge help too. Anyway today I had a huge spurt of energy and Dom and I did lots of stuff around the house. I straightened and vacuumed the girls’ room, even pulled out some baby stuff to store in the shed, giving them a bit more room. Vacuuming the girls’ room led to doing our room and I picked up a little bit in there too.

I put away the Christmas stuff finally! The decorations had been taken down and piled on top of the box in the laundry room/sewing room/pantry. I put them away neatly into the big plastic bin and then Dom put the box in the shed, freeing up a whole lot of space in there. Bella was a bit distressed when I took down the Nativity scene, but it really was time.

Once that was done, I broke down a whole bunch of boxes and then vacuumed the laundry room/sewing room/pantry, cleaned off my sewing table and organized it, with help from my sister, who emptied a last few boxes she’d stashed on the corner of the table. Oh I have a whole table now instead of just half a table, what joy!

I straightened the living room, and then vacuumed it right before dinner. Vacuuming has to be done between nap times which makes it always hard to get in. Our room, the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room are all still in need of more attention. But Dom took care of vacuuming the office, which is really his den where the rest of us visit on occasion.

This hasn’t been a deep cleaning, just some necessary catch up on lots of things that have been piling up. Still, it feels so good to make so much progress in one day and to see order instead of chaos.

It really helps that Sophie has recently become much more independent and less limpet-clingy. I think being able to crawl and pull herself up makes her much more willing to let me get a bit further. Yesterday she crawled all the way from their bedroom, down the hall and into the dining room and then into the living room. She’s really mobile now and loving the freedom. I don’t mind having to be a bit more vigilant as I can now get much more done. And she’s getting very good at surrendering things she shouldn’t have when I ask. Sometimes even when I don’t ask, she’ll hold up a bit of trash.

I suppose this is nesting. All I know is I’m glad to be back on my feet again.

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