Please Pray

Please Pray

For Amy Welborn and her family.

Michael collapsed this morning at the gym and was not able to be revived despite the efforts of EMTs and hospital personnel.

We are devastated and beg your prayers.

And of course, pray for Michael as well.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and perpetual light shine upon him.

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  • Has she finished teething? I think Cecilia had all her teeth by that age, but at this rate I think Felicity will only get her last baby teeth before they begin falling out for the permanent ones.

  • Yes, she got her two-year molars last year. In fact, she did the saliva holding thing when she was teething then, so that was one of my first thoughts. But since she’s got all her teeth, it can’t be that.

  • Then, my guess would be painful swallowing. As long as she has no fever, I’d assume cold or sinus reaction. Hope she feels better soon and can enjoy the trip!

  • Once when i had very bad strep, it hurt to swallow my own saliva because my throat was so irritated. I know sometimes strep can invade and not make itself obvious. I’m sure you’ve thought to keep an eye on her temp just in case.

    Of course she may just be reacting oddly to the change in scenery by being a little pointlessly stubborn. I’ve seen stranger things.

  •   It sounds like she’s better by now if she’s eating quesidillas…just for future reference, its not unusual for kids to not want to swallow if their throats hurt (as the previous post states). Its more serious if they cannot swallow and/or have alot inappropriate drooling. That can indicate an abscess esp if they have a temp. In any case, it necessitates immediate medical attn.