Bach with the Girls

Thanks to Lissa we had a lovely Bach evening. While Dom cooked supper, both girls sat in my lap and watched all twelve of the You Tube Magnificat videos. Yep, the whole thing. And then when we finished we started all over again. With only a couple of snack breaks. Bella would run to the kitchen, ask for cheese, and then climb back on my lap asking for, “Another video?” She was even nice enough to get some rice cakes for her sister who got jealous over the cheese. How nice to slow down, cuddle my girls, listen to some gorgeous music. And make a small contribution to their lifelong music appreciation.

Recently in a combox discussion I saw one mother lament that her teenaged children groan when she plays classical music. I didn’t jump in because it would have derailed the conversation and perhaps seemed like an attack; but I wanted to ask her when she started them listening to it and if she listened to it herself for enjoyment or if she just thought of it as something educational and good for them that she should encourage even if she herself didn’t get it. Because I know that kids have different personalities and different attention spans and maybe mine are unusual; but my two girls were entranced.


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