I’ve been tagged (with the “seven things that probably you may not know about me” meme). Me and my big mouth! But it is probably good because this morning my brain is not up for writing. Surely, though I can come up with a few random things about me.

1. In my post college days I used to live with two guys, Matt and Richard. (Matt is the one who tagged me.) Neither one of whom ever has been my boyfriend. Scandalous, I know.

I first moved in with them because I was in a bind, having a very bad roommate situation I was desperate to get out of, their roomie had just moved to Japan and they had extra space. It was, however, the best roommate situation I ever had. Living with guys is just so much more laid back than with women.

Of course, there was the terrible roach infestation that was (mostly) not their fault. And the fact that they both smoked like chimneys. But we had some good times. Many, many hands of cards were played. Many wonderful meals shared and many many nights spent watching movie after movie after movie. Those guys gave me a wonderful education in film for which I am eternally grateful. Oh and we discovered Cafe Izmir, the best Persian food in the Dallas metroplex. And one time Matt and his then-fiance now-wife Sarah gave me food poisoning.

2. I can’t whistle.

3. I never learned how to ride a bike.

4. My confirmation name is Rose, after St. Rose of Lima. But I chose the name because roses were my favorite flower. I know, at 13 I was very spiritually mature. I’ve still never really connected with St. Rose, but I’m sure somehow in God’s great providence we make sense together.

5. I’ve never been a bridesmaid or a godmother.

6. I can’t eat garlic, though I used to adore it, because one time (when we went to Tulsa for Matt’s sister’s wedding) I got a terrible migraine after eating a roasted garlic pizza and forever afterward the taste and smell of garlic has been inextricably linked with searing pain. This is much to the dismay of my Sicilian husband. Perhaps one day I’ll love garlic once again.

I also hate butterscotch because of a bad association of eating butterscotch and getting sick afterward when I was very young. So maybe not so much hope.

7. My favorite beer is Guinness stout.

I’m not going to tag anyone because I’m feeling too lazy to look up hyperlinks.

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  • Here’s a set of words that fit the tune of Immaculate Mary.  The name at the end is surely the author but I don’t know anymore.

    Most blessed of women
    to whom was revealed
    The plan of salvation
    for ages concealed.

    O pefect disciple
    You cherished God’s word
    Proclaimed by your virtue
    the good news you heard

    O mother of mercy
    the cross of your Son
    Has brought us to new life
    in him we are one

    So now with the saints
    and the angels above
    We join you in praising
    our God who is love.


  • Here’s words that fit about Bernadette.

    The bells of the Angelus
    Call us to pray
    In sweet tones announcing
    the sacred Ave
    ave, ave ave Maria

    An angel of mercy
    Led Bernadette�s feet
    Where flows the deep torrent
    Our Lady to greet

    She prayed to our Mother
    that God�s will be done,
    She prayed for his glory
    that his kingdom come

  • Melanie,

    I’ve been hypothyroid for almost 10 years now (pregnant or not, but my levels go off every pregnancy) and those levels being off can really take its toll on you. Hope you get everything straightened out soon!