Bella’s All-Request Morning

Bella’s All-Request Morning

Sadly, we haven’t had a nice cuddle day with lots of music and books for a while.

Songs sung (during breakfast):
Bringing in the Sheaves
Immaculate Mary (10 times at least. I must learn more than the first verse.)
Good King Wenceslas (she confused me at first requesting the “stand by me song”)

Books read:
Green Eggs and Ham
The Salamander Room
Baby Loves
Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth
Hey Diddle Diddle (a nursery rhyme board book)
All for the Newborn Baby (of course, this one is sung)
Good King Wenceslas (“my present!” says Bella. She got this one for Christmas. yes, I sing the whole song.)
Go in and out the Window (many, many songs sung)

It was nice to have a cuddle day with Bella while Sophia took an unusual two hour nap. A relaxed morning snuggling close while Bella fetched book after book after book. Especially as the day got very rushed as soon as we hit lunch time. I had to get both girls and myself fed and then get Bella down for a nap and Sophia nursed even if she wouldn’t settle for a nap so soon after waking. Because I had to go to the hospital for a thyroid ultrasound. Waiting to get the results of that from my new endocrinologist; but so far from the blood tests it looks like I’ve got low thyroid levels on top of the pregnancy. No wonder I’m exhausted! Anyway, tomorrow will be another rush rush day as Sophie goes to the pediatrician. And now I need to go to sleep.

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  • Thanks so much for the wonderful review of mater et magistra!  Like you, I really love it and feel so blessed to be able to write m&m columns on a regular basis. 

    Lissa’s cover piece in the last issue was phenomenal—should be required reading for all moms.

  • I’m seeing myself in your place several years ago, as I wait for our new baby and start to seriously consider homeschooling! So if you start getting random comments from me on posts that are super old, just realize that you’re educating me smile  Thanks!

  • That Married Couple,

    Welcome! And congratulations! I love random comments on old posts, so no worries. And I am so very glad if someone is still reading them and getting some use out of them. Feel free to ask any questions you want. I always love having people to chat with.