James Joyce on Ice

James Joyce on Ice

The other day my mother-in-law very generously offered to take us and the girls to see Disney on Ice—a very generous offer, though it’s really not the sort of thing that gets me excited. I’m just not a Disney kind of girl.

Anyway, while discussing the whole concept Dom was teasing me that I’d get much more enthused if it were, say, James Joyce on ice. Which led to uproarious giggling (it was after 10pm) as I imagined Stephen Daedalus and Leopold and Molly Bloom all whisking around on ice skates. It was a bit easier to imagine Gabriel and Greta Conroy dancing about since I saw The Dead as a musical a few years ago and as there are those funny bits with galoshes in the beginning. From galoshes to ice skates is not such a huge leap.

From James Joyce, we went on to try to imagine the least likely novels to make the jump to skating extravaganza: Dostoevsky on ice! Many more giggles. Solzhenitsyn on ice! Ragged prisoners in lines carrying bricks and hods and ladders while singing mournful Russian songs. Anna Karenina on ice! Yeah, that would go over well.

The next day we shared the fun with my sister during dinner and got many more laughs. You know, I’m kind of sad to think I’ll probably never have the chance to see The Divine Comedy on ice.

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  • A few years ago my roommate Meghan, who is a high school physics teacher had the home ec teacher at her school teach her. She made a gorgeous trip around the world quilt and I got a front seat view to the whole process from start to finish.

    About a year after that I asked Meghan if she could teach me to quilt and with her guidance I made a baby quilt. She gave me a book to answer my questions and helped out when I got stuck. She let me use her rotary cutter and cutting mat, showed me how to plan and measure and cut and generally let me make a pest of myself.

    I’ve picked up a few other things since that first quilt from books and recently from quilting websites. I still think of myself as a novice because there are so many things I still want to learn.