Potty Training

Potty Training

We made a little progress on our no-pressure* potty training last night. Bella asked to sit on the toilet and after almost half an hour I actually heard a little tinkle sound. Dom and I made a big deal about her success and she asked to sit on it again this morning. I think the success and praise encouraged her. Not sure about success this morning as I couldn’t stay in the room with her. Her diaper was wet when I took it off and I didn’t see anything, though, so I assume it was a dry run.

Of course her timing both times couldn’t have been worse. Last night she asked to go while I was filling up the tub for her bath. (I spent the whole time sitting on the bathroom floor. Fun.) By the time Bella decided she was done the water was cold and it was getting late so we just skipped the bath and put her in her pjs and went straight to prayer time. This morning she asked just as I was taking Sophie to nurse her down for her morning nap. I helped Bella get on the toilet and then went to put Phia down. Naturally Bella started yelling for me just as I was putting the sleeping baby into the crib.

*No pressure potty training= 1. I bought a seat with handles that fits onto the big toilet. (I really can’t handle the idea of emptying a pot on a training potty with my morning sickness.) 2. We talk a little about big girls using the toilet. And that’s it. If she asks to go, we help her to get on the toilet, but other than that there we do nothing to initiate anything. I figure she’ll decide when she’s ready and let us know.

Yeah, I do know this is the kind of post she’ll kill me for in about 12 years.

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    He is a wonderful man and very highly skilled doctor. He “gets” the Catholic no birth control, no genetic screen to abortion thing and is very supportive of multiple c-sections. He told that that he has done a woman’s 11th c-section and believes it is not more risky than the first. He is a confident surgeon and after a ruptured ectopic pregnancy was able to repair the tube (unheard of but he specializes in tubal reversals) and I was able to have 2 more children.

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  • +JMJ+

    My little brothers were born less than one year apart and have consequently been treated as twins. I think the younger one believed, during his “formative years,” that they were twins.

    When they were Bella’s age, I told them the story of Hansel and Gretel for the first time . . .

    “Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Hansel and a little girl named—”

    I was interrupted by a howl from the younger one, who then snapped: “Not girl. Two BOYS.”

    “But Gretel is a girl, baby.”


    “Okay, then. Once upon a time, there were two little boys named Hansel and Gretel . . .”