Lunch with Isabella

Lunch with Isabella

I was amused as I ate my lunch of goat cheese and fig spread on crackers to hear Isabella singing Greensleeves to herself. She knew almost all the words to the first verse. Not your usual toddler fare. She also was poaching my goat cheese. Delighted when, trying to contain the crumbly mess, I rolled some into a ball. “I want a cheese ball!” Quickly corrected to, “Please, mama, can you give me a cheese ball.” Good thing she doesn’t realize how good fig spread is!

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  • I think your tactics are absolutely right. We made an abortive attempt at trying “big girl” underwear a few months ago after a run of potty successes. Little Miss then decided this was A BAD IDEA, and has become extremely attached to her nappies (diapers). Any suggestion that she might like to try the potty makes her all the more determined that no, thank you, she wouldn’t. I think a switch from low-pressure to no-pressure potty training is in order – though with her reluctance to try anything new, we could be in for a long wait!

  • Cecilia is good at peeing in the potty and she managed to “squeegie” (as we call it) in the potty twice but then panicked and began holding it. This led to pain and tears. She does wear underwear during the day except when she needs to “squeegie” and then she puts on a pullup for that. She had seemed ready and she certainly seems to have been for part of it but clearly wasn’t for the other part so we are just watching and waiting while she gets comfortable with the potty and learns a little better just how she “squeegies” when she does do it.
    We don’t use a little potty either – we have those cushioned seats for the big toilet too. It just seemed like one more step not to do it that way.
    Glad Bella is handling it so well!!!

  • I’m all in favor of no-pressure potty training and I’m also in favor of BIG bribes (my son got some impressive Tonka trucks out of the deal).  That said, I would try really hard to make sure Bella can do the whole thing by herself so she won’t ask for help at delicate moments.  Because with my kids, they *always* asked at difficult moments!

  • do you by chance know of any good (emphasis on good, especially with this topic!) children’s books on potty training?  i’ve noticed if i can introduce a new concept to my 2 yr old with books and stories, his fear of the “new” is much less.

    your book suggestions are always great and i thought you might know of something!

  • kate,

    No, I don’t, sadly. I haven’t done much hunting. (For not much read none.) But I’m so leery of the subject being done badly, that I’d almost rather have nothing than something cringe-inducing. Ok, so I’m a wimp when it comes to potty training. But, like you, I would welcome suggestions of GOOD books.

  • None of my kids have managed to be potty trained before the age of 3. My youngest just managed to do it at 3 1/2 but that was because we got a puppy and I told her I thought the puppy would be trained before she was! She took that bet! LOL