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RIP John Updike

Karen E. informs me that John Updike died this week. I’ve never read any of his prose, but his Child’s Calendar is my current favorite book of children’s poetry. I wrote a review of that here. Last year I also posted an Easter poem by John Updike. Stunning. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.

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Book Review: Mother in the Middle by Sibyl Lockhart

I chose this book because it sounded like such an intriguing combination of memoir and science: a neurobiologist discovers her mother is suffering with Alzheimer’s and must become her mother’s caregiver, even as she is pregnant with her second child. A constant contrast drawn between the developing brains of her children and the disintegrating brain […]

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Funny Catholic Moment

Bella was wandering around the kitchen with my broom upraised, bristles in the air. I asked her what she was doing and in reply she bent down at her small broom, “My candle, my candle,” she cried. Oh I see, she’s pretending the brooms are processional candles.

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A Hard Lesson

Bella’s bedroom door inexplicably has a hole in the latch plate leading into the the hollow door frame. This morning she dropped a crayon into the hole and immediately started howling, “My crayon, my crayon.” “Sorry, Bell,” I said, “I can’t get it back. It’s gone for good.” Much screaming and wailing; but to no […]

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A Slight Sewing Obsession

In the past few weeks it has slowly crept up on me: a new obsession. Well, ok, it’s not totally new. I’ve found before that once I start a sewing project I tend to become a bit … single minded. It’s funny because in general I have a hard time finishing what I start. My […]

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I Almost Forgot

I owe a huge thank you to my sweet husband who gave my blog a little bit of a face lift this weekend. He added a baby ticker, so we can all keep track of how the littlest Bettinelli is growing; a twitter feed, so that no random thought of mine might go unread; and […]

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7 Quick Takes Friday

I started this early in the week and really expected to post it before Friday. But I didn’t, so I can officially enter it into this week’s 7 Quick Takes Friday at Jen’s blog. -1- I’ve been listening to The Lord of the Rings on my way to and from my OB’s office, which is […]

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