Moment of Mom Panic

Moment of Mom Panic

I was happily reading some of my favorite blogs while Sophie played on the floor at my feet when I looked up and saw to my horror that her face was bloody red. I jumped up, wondering why she hadn’t screamed. Closer inspection revealed Bella’s red marker on the floor at Phia’s foot. Red streaks covered her hands and feet and clothes but she was a very smiley, happy little baby.


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  • Don’t feel bad.  I have no excuses of moving or first trimester queasiness, yet I haven’t managed to do any decorating!  I put my tree together on Sunday and that’s it.  No decorations yet.  Finally brought them down from the attic last night and tonight, I’ll decorate.  I just hate that December gets away from me every year, but with music and rehearsals and working full time, I just don’t have enough hours in the day.  I don’t want to put my decorations up on Thanksgiving weekend, like half the world seems to do nowadays. 

  • What Mary said. My Christmas decorations aren’t up, either. They are usually late, not because I am being liturgically correct or anything, but because life tends to get crazy this time of year (and the rest of the year). Somtimes I leave them up until the Baptism of the Lord, just to have a chance to enjoy them when things are quieter.

  • Yes, I too leave them up until the Baptism of the Lord.  Partly it is to enjoy them, since I put them up so late, but also because that’s the official end of the Christmas season in the church.