7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday


The best thing about having my sister living with us is having her call to say she’s leaving work and can she pick up anything on the way home. I love, love, love that she will run some of my more bothersome errands for me.

On Wednesday she was going clothes shopping and picked up a pair of snow boots for Isabella. Yesterday she stopped at the pharmacy and bought some diapers and a bottle of conditioner. And then she got me a hamburger and fries at McDonalds. Oh my goodness do I ever crave hamburgers when I’m pregnant!


Isabella adores her new snow boots though my sister and I both think they are hideous. Bright pink with little silver hearts all over them. And each boot has a trio of little hearts that light up whenever Bella walks. My poor sister didn’t realize they lit up and apologized profusely when she presented them to me. But I was so relieved I didn’t have to go shopping that all was forgiven.

Yesterday morning Isabella found the boots where my sister had left them by the back door. She had no hesitation that they were for her. And she put them on immediately over her pajamas and ran around the house pleased as punch with “My new boots!” She’s hardly taken them off since.


One thing I should have done before we moved was to request all the medical records for the family.

My OB’s office is mailing me a form. Which I have to fill out and mail back because they need the original. Then when they get that they will be able to mail me my records. Could it be any more complicated?

And to get the girls’ medical records I’m going to have to shell out $45. That’s $20 per girl plus a $5 mailing charge. The lady was very nice and apologetic. But still $45!


I am still craving hamburgers. Even with the hamburger fix my sister scored me yesterday, today I can’t stop thinking about a burger and fries. And it doesn’t even have to be a fancy grilled burger with a toasted bun, though that would be wonderful.

And my wonderful husband takes pity on me and stops for burgers on the way home.


Funny how you really notice those first teeth when they start to come in but subsequent ones just sneak up on you. Today I noticed that Sophie has a third tooth on the bottom of her mouth. No idea when that happened.


i really want to put lights on the two cypress trees on either side of our front door—Dom even bought some strings of lights for the purpose the other day. But the only exterior outlet is in the backyard and we don’t have a long enough extension cord. So we’re one of the few houses on the street that doesn’t have lights. At least we now have a wreath on the front door.


Bella’s new game is asking me over and over again: “What do big girls do? What do big girls do? What do big girls do?” The result of some beginning discussion about potty training and a reprimand about rolling about on the floor like a baby.


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  • smells better than it tastes! makes you glad that most things are vetted for safety…

    I remember biting into a bar of cocoa butter once, as a young child, convinced it HAD to taste wonderful, with a smell like that…

  • Well. I’ve discovered to (to our puppy at least) our Trader Joe’s lotion apparently DOES taste good! I have to keep my hands out of her reach until it’s well dry or she takes it all right off again. It’s inexpensive and works better than most I’ve tried for winter-chapped hands.

  • 1) My aunt apparently used to drink baby lotion (as a toddler). She still salivates when she smells it.

    2) Forgive me—Elizabeth, is there a particular kind? I am always on the lookout for inexpensive, effective winter lotions…

  • Sorry to be late to respond. The lotion I referred to is “Trader Joe’s A Midsummer Night’s Cream” Extra Dry Formula. Trader Joe’s has a lot of pun or word play names for their items. It’s “Unsented, herbal blend with aloe.” I don’t remember the price, but do remember that it was inexpensive for lotions. I’ve found it works well for me and isn’t greasy. My 7-year-old insists it stings when her hands are very, very chapped. But I’ve actually found (on myself) that it stings or irritates less than most regular brands. Sorry for the detour Melanie!

  • No problem, Elizabeth. I probably won’t try it myself because I tend to have allergic reactions to most skin and hair care products—more and more recently I’m finding brands I’ve used forever are now irritating me. I use Jergen’s Ultra healing lotion and don’t dare try anything else. But I wish I could be more experimental because I do love finding new fun items. I do love Trader Joe’s lemon verbena soap.