Carpet Fuzzies

Carpet Fuzzies

Every room in our new house—except the kitchen, the dining room, and the bathroom—has shiny new wall-to-wall carpet. Light beige, of course. Not very kid-friendly. But at least much better than the one house we made an offer on that had carpets that probably looked like these when they were new ten years ago but had spent the intervening time soaking up dog dander and various spills.

The major headache of these carpets, though, is not the light color. I figure we’ll have to replace them eventually but I’m not sweating the dirt. No, the major headache is the carpet fuzzies. These new carpets shed and shed and shed. One of the guests at our housewarming party asked if we’d sprinkled some powder on the carpets because all the kids were coming up coated in white flecks. No, it’s just the carpet shedding. I’ve already changed the vacuum cleaner’s bag twice since we moved in and had to clean out the clogged hose with a wire clothes hanger.

And then there’s Sophia. Bella did her share of putting things in her mouth, I suppose. But when she was this age we mainly put her down on a quilt spread on the hardwood floor. Wood floors are much easier to keep clear of little debris that babies might pick up and eat. On wood the debris tends to drift away from the main traffic areas and to collect behind doors and under furniture, out of the way of pinchy little fingers. Stuff that falls on carpets tends to stay where it falls. So I’m always pulling leaves and bits of carpet fuzz out of Sophie’s mouth. Just today I found a huge wad of nasty dark fuzz wedged against the roof of her mouth. Ick. I’m constantly nagging her about putting stuff in her mouth. But she’s strangely addicted to daintily picking things up and eating them.

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  • Snow! Beautiful… Is that holly in the picture with the red berries? Bella looks such a big, big girl! I like your white front door with the big green wreath (and I like the blue-gray of your house, very much) Take care! G.

  • Yes the red berries are a holly bush near our front door. I love the contrast between the red berries and the white snow.

    Bella is getting so big, it amazes me all the time how much she’s grown.

    We’re actually looking to replace the front door. The mail slot in the door is not such a great idea in New England’s winters and the door itself is rather cheap and poorly hung. (The very fact that I could put our wreath hanger over it and still close the door tells you the seal is not nearly tight enough!) However, I agree that I like the look and hope that when we replace it we might get something similar.