Post Thanksgiving

Post Thanksgiving

Still tired. Still queasy. So much to do before friends and family come over Sunday for a housewarming get together. Had I known I was pregnant, I might have rethought this little soiree. Oh well, somehow things will get done.

The one great thing is, it’s a great spur to get everything unpacked and organized, pictures hung and all. (That was actually the original idea, as suggested by our wise former pastor. He said we should set the date before we were unpacked, otherwise we’d never get around to having the party.)

And then while the house is clean, maybe I’ll take some pictures for the blog so you can all partake in a virtual housewarming. But perhaps I’m really over reaching?

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  • oh dear…. so I guess Bella only will get a banana when Phia’s asleep!!

    I’m so sorry…. it requires such constant vigiliance to monitor!

  • Poor Sophia… Are there special products that use substitutes that you can use for her?
    Apropos of feeding Sophia, maybe it’s something you know already, but when I was pregnant with my second child and still nursing my son, my milk supply disappeared practically overnight and this created huge problems with my son’s weight – I wish somebody had warned me it can happen! Anyway, I just thought of reminding you of this…

  • I hope she will grow out of it… poor baby.

    And congratulations!  I don’t check the blog for a few days and I miss the big news!  Our best wishes to the whole family.

  • I’m sorry to hear she’s allergic like that.  I read recently though that many children can and do grow out of such allergies.

    One of my sons developed a milk allergy at 1 year – and though he’s not fond of it, he can now (9 years old) eat a cup of ice cream.

    Oh, and congrats to you and Dom.  Take care!

  • Have had way too much experience with allergies wink. I recommend sweet potatoes (excellent as fries), couscous, pork, pears excellent magazine called “Living without” allergy kids.

    It’s tough but being Irish and meeting with a nutritionist (which I highly recommend!!!!) we’ve learned some good coping techniques- most Irish people have some intolerance to gluten.


  • A little late…but CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby.  I’ve been out of “Blogland” for a few days, and just read about your news.  It’s so true what they say; New House, New Baby.  Two of my sisters and my sister-in-law all became pregnant soon after moving!!  God is good, and now you have room for everyone!  Congrats again, you and Dom make beautiful babies grin