We had a lovely holiday. My sister-in-law, Carol, laid out a fabulous Thanksgiving feast: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, mashed turnips, carrot souffle, peas, corn, and probably something else that I’ve forgotten. Sophie loved the turkey, which was about all I let her eat. But she did eat it prodigiously, at three separate sittings.

Our family gathered together and ate and talked and laughed, as we always do. And then we all processed over to my other brother-in-law’s house where we had dessert and laughed and talked some more. We celebrated my mother-in-law’s upcoming milestone birthday by sharing our best remembrances of her. Children laughed and ran around and gave their grandmother hugs and kisses and birthday wishes and I don’t think a single eye was dry by the end of the evening. (Though Bella and Sophie were wet eyed not so much from sentiment as bumps and bruises and being overtired.)

I am so blessed to have such a large, warm and loving family. I am blessed in my husband and my children and my sister. I am blessed in a house to live in, that my husband has a job, that we have enough to eat. I am blessed in the new life I am participating in bringing into the world. I am blessed in the baby I have in heaven, interceding for me, waiting hopefully for the day when we will finally see each other face to face. I am blessed above all in my faith, in a God who loves all his creation and who loves me particularly and who died so that I might be with him eternally.

Thanks be to God for all his blessings today and every day.

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  • Personally I find my energy dies in the afternoon. So I try to get as much done in the morning as I possibly can. Then, once the drain hits me, if I can, I try to take a mini nap, and that helps me get through the rest of the day without dragging on the floor. Cecilia has ceased taking day naps though, so if I get to nap, it is because she is either being very good or James is watching her. But if Bella is still taking a daily nap, you might be able to coordinate it. If I’m really really desperate, I sneak a bit of caffeine. But I’m afraid I have no more advice than that. smile Good Luck. Hope everything goes well. Even if everything isn’t perfect, remember you are doing something even more important – baking a baby!

  • Wish I could give you a hand – well, at least I know you have help with the laundry wink
    Of course we’d love to see more pictures, but take it easy, please! Remember how in a few weeks you’ll feel much better, and with a lot more energy, so don’t go too crazy now.
    Take care, G.