A Mama Pepper

A Mama Pepper

Bella and I were looking at pictures on the back of one of her books. She was asking, “What’s that, Mom?” as she pointed to two peppers.

“Those are peppers. That’s a big pepper, and that’s a little pepper.” I said.

“That’s a mama pepper and that’s a baby pepper” she responded.

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  • You have my heartfelt sympathies. Felicity and Cecilia have been doing the same thing to us at night. If one doesn’t wake up the other does. Last night was a mess too with both girls waking up at least once.
    Add that to my morning sickness (does anyone ever only have it in the morning?) and already preggo brain and I’ve barely been functional today.

    I hope all of your family and mine get a much better night’s sleep tonight. I think all of us need it.

    Just keep telling yourself: This too shall pass.

  • Since my youngest grandchild is now 7 yrs old, I can vouch for “this too shall pass” but that doesn’t usually help very much while you’re going thru it.  Hope you got a Mom’s Day Out today!