Sophie Updates

Sophie Updates

Thank you so much to everyone who has commented and given advice and lifted up Sophia and me in your prayers. I think we’re beginning to turn the corner. Both in terms of whatever is ailing Phia and also in terms of my spirits. Yesterday I felt such a lift, an inexplicable lightness of heart. Thinking on it last night I just knew that it was the grace of all the prayers being offered up for us.

We’ve been doing a modified BRATY diet, eliminating the toast because I’m still not confident that there isn’t a sensitivity to wheat lurking under all this. I just don’t want to go there until Sophia is completely better. And I’ve added small bits of roasted chicken and baked potato instead. She absolutely adores potato. I’ve also been using rice noodles in addition to plain rice. She loves them and they have a nice texture. I remembered that when Bella had diarrhea at about the same age our pediatrician said to give her lots of yogurt with active cultures. And I recalled that even after the 24 hour sickness was gone it just took her little digestive system more than a week to recover when Dom and I bounced right back.

We’ve been trying the spray bottle approach without a whole lot of luck. it’s just too thick and pasty, I always have to wipe to get everything off. We’ve been letting her roll around with no pants on towels spread on the floor. That seems to have helped it dry out a little. I know it’s going to be a long slow process until she’s no longer all red and angry, but I do see some progress being made.

At least Phia is a very happy, laughy baby except during the actual diaper changes and when she’s getting sleepy. She’s starting to get very expressive and assertive too. She’s got a very emphatic sound she makes for demanding attention that is so funny—and effective. She’s adding to her range of noises with M sounds and N sounds. I swear she said “mama” the other day! She’s loving drinking from a cup and is very demanding when she wants a drink.

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  • Very happy to see Sophia is doing better! Must be no fun for the two of you…
    I have one question: what do you let Bella do, when you say she helps you bake? I’d love to start doing things with my two toddlers, but I hate messes and the idea of things going out of control (in the sense that I’m sure they’ll hardly limit themselves to the things I’ll ask them to do for me!)

  • Giulietta,

    I’m the same way. I hate messes. But I try to get over it a little so that she can have fun with me.

    I did mean to write that Bella loves “helping” me. I fill the measuring spoons and cups and let her dump them into the bowl. I hand them to her over the bowl and hover my hand near hers to prevent mess. I also let her “help” stir, holding my hand over hers so things don’t fly everywhere.

    And when we make muffins she loves to point and make sure I fill each well: This one. This one. This one.

    I try to explain what I’m doing: “now we add one cup of sugar, etc.” And let her smell and taste where appropriate. Just being in the kitchen with me is a treat.