Photo Finds

Photo Finds

From the archives, pictures of the girls with my dad. I forgot to post these a while back. But it’s never too late for cute girls.


Poor Phia with the separation anxiety didn’t want anyone but me to hold her.


Bella had a last ice cream treat at Treadwells’ with Grandad.


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  • Melanie, my son had a raw bottom much like you describe when he was an infant twelve years ago.  I was in tears for the poor thing!  Our doctor at the time suggested a flexible product that completely covered the spots like a bandage to give the areas time to heal. 

    I’m googling to see if I can find what we used, but perhaps something like this may help?

    I feel for you!

  • Claire just finished with Roseola and a UTI and her bottom got just like that – plus her front too.  poor baby – acid on an open wound. grin  Anyway, we used diaper cream and occasionally just Vaseline (sometimes she cried at diaper cream) as a moisture barrier – which helped it heal so much faster. But the BEST thing we did, as suggested by the nurse, was stopping wiping which she’s irritated – and rinsing an patting dry instead. This worked WONDERS! We setup a couple towels on the bathroom counter (we have a big counter so this works) then lay her down and supported her bottom as it hangs over the sink, and use a spray bottle with warm water to clean her off. When she got really dirty i would also give a quick rub with some ivory soap suds and a good rinse. For her front, instead of the spray bottle i just gently poured a small stream of the warm water since she was hurting so much that i didn’t want to wipe, but i also didn’t want to encourage any bacteria to go in and i thought the spray might do that. this effectively ended diaper change crying, even at the height of irritation. Even the most sensitive wipes have a little alcohol in them and can irritate. plus just the act of wiping can slough off skin cells unnecessarily and irritate further.

    just a thought. hope this helps.

  • It occurs to me that we’re all about solutions today. We know you’re a good mom and you’re trying all sorts of things. I hope you don’t think anyone is second guessing your own efforts, just telling you what worked for us.  Hang in there. We’ll pray for that Phia’s little bottom is better soon.

  • Poor Sophia and poor Melanie! Be patient, and know that all your readers are thinking of your family.
    ps – if you don’t mind our suggestions, I second Betsy’s idea of using warm water and baths instead of wipes, especially if you know Phia likes water in the first palce… and lots of creamy Desitin!

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I do appreciate them. I think the warm water makes sense. But I need to go get some spray bottles. Just pouring the water didn’t get off the sticky poo. And we need to figure out how to turn down the heat on our water heater. Scalding the poor baby’s already sore bum was my worst mother move of the year. I may stop kicking myself over that eventually.

    The doctor did suggest petroleum jelly rather than desitin when it gets to be this bad. Desitin is good for prevention but is hard to wipe off and thus clean up can make things worse.

  • Is she on the BRAT diet (bannanas ,rice, applesauce, and toast.)  No juice, milk or water… just pedialite or gatorade.  For one of my kids I was watering down applejuice with water and my Dr. said that would prolong the diarrhea…live and learn.

  • Poor baby girl—I remember it very well. The spray bottles are a big help.  (There is a stomach bug going around apparently—70+ kids out of one school in a RI town last week.)  Hope it slows down soon and you can worry about infrequent pooping..

  • I hope you have success this week in finding a new pediatrician—this sounds like something that should be looked at quickly.  Poor Phia—and poor Mom!!

  • Try Calmoseptine for the sore bottom.  It’s behind the counter at pharmacies, but you don’t need a prescription.  A bit pricey, but a little goes a long way.  It’s exceptionally good for bad diaper rashes, too.

    So long as she’s staying hydrated (can she take Gatorade?), the bottom will heal in due time.

    Sounds like you might be experiencing what we had a week back—norovirus.  Fortunately (?) the kids were limited to the vomiting part, and little to no diarrhea.

  • I think you should get her to a doctor, and fast.  The suggestions, particularly the cleaning with warm water, are good (and I also suggesting patting dry with cotton balls) but if the diarrhea is prolonged, she might dehydrate.

  • You’ve gotten lots of good advice re: the diaper rash.    I’ve always found that just because something works for one of my babies, it’s no guarantee it will work for another.

    Anyway, I just wanted to throw something out there about your pediatrician search.    You might want to ask moms of kids with chronic conditions (e.g. CP, asthma, diabetes, etc.) which ped they use, as the moms with the sickest kids have likely been through the medical ringer and have by now found a doc they trust.    I’ve generally found the best peds are in very small practices (one or two docs).

    Good luck!     

  • I am so sorry for your little one, and for you too!

    When I went through this with one of mine many years ago, it turned (into?  out to be?) a yeast infection which didn’t get better until it was treated with the correct prescription medication.  Just a thought.

    Hang in there!

  • I have found that Triple Paste works like a champ on diaper rash.  It’s another behind the pharmacy counter expensive job, but it is really really great.

  • Prayers going up for you and baby Sophia. The active-cultures yogurt should help soon. It sometimes takes a little while. Did you happen to keep the squirt bottle from your postpartum time? Those work very well in this situation.

  • try plain cornstarch instead of powder—it is more natural.  vaseline works better than desitin.  One other thing:  My oldest had a reaction to a certain brand of diaper that caused horrible rashes.  Something about the ph level?  i don’t know.  Anyway, we found that the generic brands—shaws, walmart, etc worked better.  Hope this helps.