Settling in

Settling in

I just realized that I never shared a Bella story from this weekend that nicely illustrated how she’s made the mental and emotional adjustment.

On Saturday we had to go back to the apartment to pick up a few odds and ends we’d managed to leave behind. I’d expected Bella might get upset; but I was rather shocked at how she reacted. We pulled into the driveway and she began to sob loudly: “New home, new home, new home!” We calmly explained that, yes, we’d be going back to her new house later, we were just picking up a few things we’d left. She refused to get out of the car, screamed when we took Sophia out of the car, and fussed the entire time we were ferrying things back and forth. The meltdown didn’t stop until we pulled away.

I guess a week was sufficeint for her affections to completely transfer to the new house.

She does miss St. Mary’s Cemetery where we used to walk, though. Yesterday when I took the girls for a walk, Bella asked if we could go to the cemetery. I sadly told her there wasn’t one nearby. Today, when we went to the store and passed a graveyard, she got so excited: “A cemetery, mom, a cemetery!” I guess perhaps that sounds a little weird from a two-year old.

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