Poor Phia!

Poor Phia!

I’m pretty sure now that Sophia’s recent bouts of vomiting have been due to an intolerance for wheat.

We stopped for some lunch today and I gave her a few pieces of my roll. Sure enough, this afternoon she vomited profusely when we got home. At least she didn’t do it in the car!

She has been very picky when it comes to solid foods. She absolutely refuses to eat baby foods from a spoon. She makes gagging sounds whenever I try to give her rice cereal or oatmeal. So far the only things she’s taken to have been banana (oh my goodness she lunges whenever I peel a banana for Bella!), Cheerios, small pieces of mashed chicken. Once or twice she’s taken a couple of bites of my homemade applesauce from a spoon. And she loves, loves, loves gumming on small pieces of bread. Since it’s been one of the few solids she’ll eat, I’ve been letting her have some occasionally. But it seems to be tracking pretty closely to her incidents of vomiting. So I think that will have to stop. I’m not sure what to do about the whole eating business. Guess that’s one more reason to find a pediatrician soon.

In other news, she’s perfecting the B sound: Ba, ba, ba, aba, ba, bwa, bwah, a ba ba ba ba.” And a new tooth broke through this morning. I thought she was working on those top incisors (she has the bottom incisors), but she surprised me with a top canine instead.

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  • Just wait til Sophia can really talk, and you’ll hear your girls saying each other’s names (one of the most moving experiences ever, if you ask me…), having conversations, telling jokes only they can understand… You’ll look at them and you’ll just know that, despite all the little fights, they’re the best friends, and that’ll melt your heart (for the n-th time!!)