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A Warm and Blessed Day

We celebrated the first day of the new liturgical year by welcoming a wonderful group of friends and family into our new home. We had an impromptu Southwest theme. Dom cooked up a huge pot of chili, perfect for a rainy November day. He also made fresh salsa, guacamole, seven layer dip, and a baked […]

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We still haven’t got a formal diagnosis, but using an elimination diet, I’m pretty sure I’ve determined that Sophie can’t eat wheat, oats, and bananas. We’ve had her on a very simple diet of rice, potato, applesauce, yogurt and meat and all her symptoms finally cleared up this week. Today I gave her a very […]

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Post Thanksgiving

Still tired. Still queasy. So much to do before friends and family come over Sunday for a housewarming get together. Had I known I was pregnant, I might have rethought this little soiree. Oh well, somehow things will get done. The one great thing is, it’s a great spur to get everything unpacked and organized, […]

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We had a lovely holiday. My sister-in-law, Carol, laid out a fabulous Thanksgiving feast: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, mashed turnips, carrot souffle, peas, corn, and probably something else that I’ve forgotten. Sophie loved the turkey, which was about all I let her eat. But she did eat it prodigiously, at three separate sittings. Our […]

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My Helper

This morning I started to load dirty clothes into the washer and almost immediately Bella was standing there in front of me, tugging clothes out of the hamper and shoveling them into the the open door. I stopped loading and started just sorting the clothes I wanted washed, dropping the things to be loaded into […]

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New Beginnings

Last summer we moved and a week or so after we moved I learned that I was expecting Sophia. That slowed down settling in quite a bit. In fact, we never finished unpacking. Well, here we go again. A new house, a new cause for joy. Early Monday morning I woke up in the darkness […]

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Being a Snail

Sophie’s doing much better but is still very whiny and clingy. Today, except for two brief naps, she never let me get more than a foot away from her without breaking into a wail. It has been very exhausting. Or maybe I’m coming down with something. My energy level has just been so low the […]

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Finally Friday

I’ve been tired and cranky and off kilter today. Sophie, who has been sleeping through the night except during her bouts of teething, has been waking regularly between 2:30 and 3:30 for the past week. It could be the stomach upset and the raw bottom, it could be the four upper teeth which have all […]

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A Mama Pepper

Bella and I were looking at pictures on the back of one of her books. She was asking, “What’s that, Mom?” as she pointed to two peppers. “Those are peppers. That’s a big pepper, and that’s a little pepper.” I said. “That’s a mama pepper and that’s a baby pepper” she responded.

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