Moving in

I know I said I wouldn’t be around. But the cable company hasn’t yet switched service to the new house. (Surprise, surprise. When does the cable company ever do anything right the first try?) Though they did come and run the wires today.

So I thought I’d quickly post a few photos I took today.


The first thing I carried into the new house was my statue of the Blessed Mother.* May she always watch over our house and keep us safe beneath her mantle. I think she looks very nice in the front window, though I’m not sure she’ll stay there. I also love the view from this window. All the houses across the street are backed by a dramatic spread of some of New England’s best fall color.

*The second thing I brought in was a box of books. Yep, I’ve got my priorities.


As I predicted, Bella made a beeline to the back yard and immediately tested out her new slide and swingset, left by the previous owner.


I had to show her how to sit on the swing. But once I’d done that, she was climbing off and on by herself all day.


However, she still hasn’t mastered opening the sliding door.


It was quite a cold day, so I kept Phia inside most of the time. We brought a box full of toys and books to keep both the girls amused.

It is already shaping up to be a difficult transition. Both girls are having quite a bit of separation anxiety as their whole world is uprooted. When Dom and my dad left early this morning so they could be there when the plumber showed up, Bella had a meltdown. “Daddy and Granddad!” she cried over and over at intervals. On the way down, she couldn’t get there fast enough. Every time we hit a light or a traffic slowdown she’d start chanting, “Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.” And things were bad coming home tonight too. When we got here and daddy wasn’t here yet, she threw a tantrum. Not that I blame her, poor creature. Sophie, too, has been out of sorts. Though that may be more because of her new tooth and feeding off of Bella’s fussiness. I think the next couple of days will be tough until we are settled in and unpacked in the new place. Then we’ll have to deal with the upset when granddad goes back to Texas.

I am so excited I have two rosebushes at the front of the house along with some holly and what I think are probably rhododendrons. Now I just have to figure out how not to kill them. I’ve got a bunch of studying to do this winter. I’d love to plant a garden in the spring and grow some vegetables. But first I have to learn the first thing about gardening. If anyone knows of any good books suitable for the beginner, I’d love some suggestions.

Ok, back to packing. i’ll leave you with another photo of my sweet little baby girl who I hope will learn how to crawl now that she’ll have much more space in the living room, and all softly carpeted too.


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