If Anybody’s Still Reading….

If Anybody’s Still Reading….

Today my computer is set to move to the new house. We’re having the internet service transferred so there’s no point in it staying at an apartment with no reception. I’ll miss everyone out there in my virtual neighborhood; but I suppose I’ll be too busy with last minute details to be updating the blog or checking my email much less reading other blogs. Next time you hear from me, we should be all moved in to our new home. Hasta la vista.

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  • Congratulations! (I don’t think I’ve said that yet—I’ve been so busy lately. My apologies!) Everything looks just beautiful including those two sweet girls of yours! I’m going to e-mail you soon to catch up. I’m just so happy for you that everything worked out so well! I’ll praying for you all during this transition. smile

  • I like your priorities wink I can tell you’re very excited, and I’m very happy for you. We’ll be moving to a different city very soon, and I’ve been wondering about my children’s reaction (they’re 3 and 2) My idea for a smooth transition for them is based on setting up what will be their new room exactly the same way it is now – I hope this will help them ease anxiety. I think it’s also important to keep in place the same routines, as much as possible. And, as my husband jokes, as long as we keep welcoming them in bed with us at night, they’ll be fine wink Anyway, with a very private playground in your backyard, I’m sure the girls will be happy very soon – it’s just too bad it’s already so cold!
    Can’t wait to see more pictures!
    ps- Will Dom carry you though the threshold? After all, in a way it’s your first house wink

  • We’re so excited for you! I’m sure you’ve thought about the next couple of things i’m going to suggest but I’ll say them anyway: check the old swingset for stability. maybe get out the wrench and tighten or even replace some bolts. things can seem great, but there might be a small tighten here or there that could add years to its life and even a bit to its safety – yay for the girls though – how great to have a swingset! Maybe give Bella a temporary corner of her own in the main room for while you’re moving in. setup a palette of blankies and pillows, maybe even a fort (we turn our cosleeper on it’s side while in playpen mode and add a blankie to make a fort for claire) – with books and special toys, so she’s got her own island of comfort where she can hold court while everything is in disarray. Lastly – hang in there – it’s a great new adventure, and while moving stinks, you’re in a home now and calm will come very soon. take a breath and savor the good stuff!

    Congratulations again!

  • Thanks everyone.


    We’re not going to be able to keep the layout of the girls’ bedroom the same, though I think that’s a great idea. But for one thing we won’t need to keep the spare bed in there because we now have another bedroom. Still, we’ve been lucky enough to be able to take them down to the new house yesterday and today. I think that will really help. And at least the furniture will be the same.

    And we’ve been talking up the move to Bella. I started a couple of nights ago, telling her we are going to take everything to our new house. I made it a litany, naming every piece of furniture and all the possessions that I could think of: We will take Bella’s bed to the new house, we will take the tables and chairs, we will take the couch and the plates, your books and your toys, etc.

    We’ve tried to keep the routines constant. And I agree that will help. And I wonder if having a few changes in the past year might actually help. The new baby and the new bed and all. She gets the idea of what “new” means and can sort of understand change. But we’ll see how they do tomorrow night.

    And no, I don’t think we’ll do the carrying across the threshold. I don’t want to strain Dom’s bad back. But it is a sweet thought.