Yep, Still Packing

Yep, Still Packing

As far as I know we’re all set to close on Wed. Oct 29. Yep that’s this coming Wednesday. Thursday we’re supposed to have appliances delivered, the cable guy install our internet access (which means I’ll be silent as the computers will all move to the new house) and the plumber come to give us an estimate on some minor repairs. And then we’ll move on Saturday Nov 1.

My dad arrived last night and has helped step up the pace on packing. Perhaps a little more than I’m comfortable with at times: Ok, we’re not moving till next Saturday. Let’s leave some things out of boxes. We need to eat and live.  And Bella’s going to freak if we pack her toys and stuff.

Hard to think of anything else. I’m even doing it in my sleep. Packing, moving, snapping at Dom. In my dreams, that is, I’d never talk to him like that in my waking moments. Yeah perhaps a bit of stress.

Bella managed to get my dad out of the house for a long walk this morning. And charmed him into getting her ice cream. And talked Dom into taking her to the liquor store (I needed Guinness for stew, don’t you know.) While they were out they got burgers and fries. She seems to have sprouted several inches in the last few weeks and become so much more articulate all of a sudden.

Sophia is perfecting her pincer grip and feeding herself bits of bread and chicken. She hates baby cereal: Give me the real stuff mom. She also seems to have sprouted. She’s sitting up quite well now but not doing much locomotion. Then again, right now there isn’t much room for her to roam. Once we get unpacked in the new house she’ll hopefully have some scope to roll and perhaps even work on crawling. 

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