Danger, Danger

Danger, Danger

Karen Edmisten now tells me that free rice, the internet quiz site that donates rice through the UN food program any time you get an answer right, now has many other subjects in addition to the original vocabulary quiz.

I’ve been playing name the artist who painted that famous painting and name that country. It’s highly, highly addictive.

Shouldn’t I be packing? Well… just one more round….

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  • Since I presume that this is a regular purchase for a chronic condition, have you considered mail order? Since most healthy people do not have a complex drug regimen to follow or maintain, mail order could be a good bet for you.

    Did the drug store stop carrying it or did the manufacturer stop making it? I’m betting the former and the $15 differential will more than offset the postage.

  • I never had asthma problems before I moved to Massachusetts. And I’ve only started needing to use an inhaler regularly within the past year. Before that, I was able to get away with getting an extra from my dad or sis who mail-ordered them. But I sucked down the last one in about a month. Since i got sick in July, I’ve been having coughing attacks daily. But I’m really, really hoping that whatever environmental factor has been bugging me in the last year is location- specific (maybe mold in the damp basement, pollution from the very busy street we live on or something) and doesn’t follow me when we move.


    This has been in the works for years. I’m surprised you hadn’t heard earlier.  Since all the inhalers got reformulated there are no generics yet.  The old ones are still legal till December 31, so you could call around to other pharmacies to see what’s still available.  Still, $25 for an inhaler that probably lasts for months, isn’t a bad deal.  It’s the cash-paying patients who are really going to suffer.