The Good Wife

The Good Wife

The ever-eloquent Elizabeth Foss has posted a beautiful reflection today that every wife should read.

The advice in all of those books ran along the same lines: keep a well ordered home; be a cheerful helpmeet; be tuned in to his need for physical affection. I’ve read volumes on submission and volumes on traditional roles. Lots and lots of good advice.

In the past few weeks, though, I’ve reflected on those messages and found them lacking. To be sure, I believe we honor the men who provide for our homes by making them cheerful havens of peace and good cheer. I’m all in favor working alongside our men. And I’m a staunch believer in following his lead where hobbies and spare time pursuits are concerned. I think the physical gift of marriage is one of God’s greatest blessings for a married couple. The advice in those books is solid. The action items are noble ones. The sum total of those actions, however, do not make one a good wife.

Please click here to read all of her thoughts on what does make one a good wife.

I know that bed rest has been a heavy cross for Elizabeth to bear; but I am so very grateful that she is willing to share the lessons she learns during her times of trials with the rest of us so that we too may grow in our understanding of our vocation as wives.

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  • Thanks for the link ! I enjoyed it, cried a bit, smiled a lot and thanked God I had a mom who let me know God was a part of her every waking moment, without hitting me over the head with it… She had so many other problems… but this I knew… God was Love… She loved me unconditionally and so did God. And I see it more and more the older I get…