Nap Time Oddness

Nap Time Oddness

I put Bella down for her nap at the usual time, one or so. By the time I was done with her Pooh story it was maybe 1:15. Then I nursed Sophia and put her down. In any case, both girls were down by 1:40 or so. But Sophia doesn’t often sleep long, it wasn’t too unusual that she was crying again at 2:15. Standard 45 minute short nap. However,  I was quite surprised when I heard Isabella screaming and pounding on her door.

I opened the door and let her out while I changed Sophie’s diaper. Then as she was asking for food, I gave her some cheese and let her nibble on the strawberries she hadn’t finished at lunch. It was an all fruit lunch, with no interest in grains or proteins, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that she was still peckish.

So then I was nursing cranky Phia in the living room while Bella was eating her cheese in the kitchen and came in to ask for a drink. I told her to wait and I guess she must have helped herself to the milk in the fridge because I later found a small pool of spilled milk on the table that wasn’t there earlier. But then Bella started whining in earnest so I told her to go lay down, nap time wasn’t really over. I’m not sure she’d even slept at all and not just played in her room for a while. And she started fussing at being told to take a nap and I told her to be quiet because Sophia was trying to sleep.

And then things got very quiet. Too quiet. I waited until Sophia was done and then settled her back down in our room and went to check on Bella. Evidently, she’d done as I asked. She went back to her room and closed the door behind her. All was quiet. I guess she’s napping now.

So there you have it. My two year old can now get a drink out of the refrigerator and then replace it when she’s done. And she can put herself down for a nap.

And now I guess I get my afternoon quiet time after all.

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