Taco Night

Taco Night

“Can I have a tortilla please?” Bella asks. Why not? I shrug. Dom gets her a tortilla.

“Can I have some lettuce in my tortilla?”

“Can I have some mac and cheese in my tortilla?”

“You mean shredded cheese?”


“Can I have some chicken in my tortilla?”

“Can I have some beans in my tortilla?”

Then daddy helped her roll up her taco and she nibbled at the top of the tortilla while bits of things dropped out of the untidy roll.

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  • tee hee!

    isn’t it great. i try not to do that too often, but once claire’s thighs got so big she couldn’t wear pants anyway (the few that fit impeded her mobility – now that she’s walking she’ll be back in them soon though), I just kept her in onesie’s and t-shirts all the time, which is also what she sleeps in (tx is hot). Occasionally, we both forget to put on real clothes – jammie days are usually rainy and cozy with lots of snuggling.

  • It’s definitely the footie pjs—we had nice fall days like that when she went outside in them, up to at least 3. I once met a women whose 4 y.o. was riding a bike clothed in them, plus rainboots and a bike helmet!

  • the funny thing was that today was the nicest day we’ve had in a long time. Short sleeves, barefoot (me not the kids) and playing outside and I could have worn shorts even! But somehow Sophia never got out of her long-sleeve footie pajamas. Maybe because she just looked so cute.