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Once Upon a Time….

Impatiently wanting me to read to her while I fussed with the baby, Bella opened one of her “Trix Potter books today and began to “read” to herself: “Once upon a time,” she said. I don’t recall which book it was she was reading, I think it was either The Tale of Johnny Town Mouse […]

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Expotition around the Block

Sunday coming home from a day trip to Maine Sophia had an exploding diaper. Last night I noticed that the car seat cover had a big spot on it. So I put it in the washer to soak overnight and today I’m finishing the wash and drying it. Which means we can’t go out. So […]

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Today Bella identified The Tale of Johnny Town Mouse as being one of her ‘Trix Potter books. I guess she does notice when I begin each story by announcing the title and author. *    *    * She came into the kitchen as I was preparing a salad for tonight’s dinner and said, “Mama’s […]

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New Vegetable of the Week: Purslane

Following our plan to try something new from the farmer’s market each week, this week we bought a bunch of purslane, which is evidently something of a nutrition powerhouse. Wikipedia says: Although purslane is considered a weed in the United States, it can be eaten as a leaf vegetable. It has a slightly sour and […]

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