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Frustration Is…

Trying to dig a sliver of glass out of your big toe while a solicitous toddler looks on: “You need some medcinine, Mama? You need some medcinine? You need some medcinine? Mama’s washing her foot. Mama’s washing her foot.” “Please, Bella go eat your broccoli in the kitchen,” I grit. Finally, I get a purchase […]

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Pumpkin Time

It’s that time again. Cool weather. Bright orange pumpkins. Last week Bella and I bought a little pumpkin at our town’s farm. Last night I butchered it and made my favorite pumpkin-leek risotto. Yum! Spicy goodness, the perfect thing when I have stopped-up sinuses. The only hitch was that I somehow remembered this as a […]

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The last two nights my sleeping-through-the-night baby hasn’t been. She’s been fussy and cranky. And I’ve been fussy and cranky too as I’ve been suffering from acute sinusitis. Which I thought was due to extremely bad allergies. But the fact that neither Claritin nor Benadryl was cutting it and even my beloved 12 hour Sudafed […]

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Please Pray

for Elizabeth Foss, due Dec 8. Her son, Patrick writes: Who Told The Baby It’s Birthday Week She thinks she wants her birthday this week too, Mom’s in the hospital trying to talk her out of it, we’re home playing Guitar Hero and eating junk food studying diligently . Please pray for our family.

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Yesterday morning we played with blocks. I helped Bella build a house for her elephant. Later that evening she was playing, moving elephant in and out of the block house. “Elephant’s going to the back porch,” she said, moving him from one “door” to another. Then she started to “Shut the door,” behind him. But […]

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Sophia seems to be over the worst of the teething pains. She was happy and gurgling and smiling and belly laughing in the produce section this morning. But Bella seemed rather unhappy when we got home from the store. I’d noticed a runny nose and some drool this morning. I thought she was holding food […]

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Blowing My Lid

Tonight I learned that the lid to my rice cooker is made of safety glass. Or, rather, I should say was made of safety glass. It tumbled off the drainboard and into the sink and shattered on my stoneware muffin pan. Little tiny bits of glass all in the sink and in all the wells […]

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Six Month Checkup

“Bella, get your shoes. As soon as Phia’s done eating, we’re going to the doctor. We’re going to take Phia to see the doctor.” I emphasized that it was Sophia’s appointment and not her own; but I didn’t really expect her to get upset. She started to cry. I thought we’d passed the fear of […]

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Househunting and Detachment

You know your heart is likely to be broken at least once when you are house hunting. Here’s the thing. You know you need to be detached, to stay cool and not get involved. Don’t give your heart away to a house until the keys are in your pocket. But there’s the catch. Unless you […]

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