The last two nights my sleeping-through-the-night baby hasn’t been. She’s been fussy and cranky. And I’ve been fussy and cranky too as I’ve been suffering from acute sinusitis. Which I thought was due to extremely bad allergies. But the fact that neither Claritin nor Benadryl was cutting it and even my beloved 12 hour Sudafed was hardly making a dent should have clued me in. Bella had a runny nose; but I attributed that to teething. But when I began nursing Sophia this morning and she started breathing with a thick mucousy snuffle, I finally realized: we’ve got a head cold. Which at least means it’s not allergies, a bit of a relief. And now I’ve got an explanation for Sophie’s unusual restlessness. Not that I’m happy she’s sick. Just I like to know that things have a discernible cause. It makes me feel a little less helpless. I know this too shall pass.

Poor Sophia. This morning while we were buying diapers at Target, little Sophie sneezed and rubbed it all in her eye. Ick!

I’ve never really had to deal with a sick baby. Bella was always pretty healthy. I’m hoping this confines itself to the nose, which is bad enough.

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  • What a beautiful picture!!  And I’m not a savory squash type of person, but your risotto does sound nice.  For my part, I tried making pumpkin scones yesterday—with a can of pumpkin that’s been in my cabinet for a year and was not made into pumpkin cheesecake!  I’ve also been craving pumpkin spice coffee.  Even in Texas it’s feeling a little more fall-like!