Sophia seems to be over the worst of the teething pains. She was happy and gurgling and smiling and belly laughing in the produce section this morning.

But Bella seemed rather unhappy when we got home from the store. I’d noticed a runny nose and some drool this morning. I thought she was holding food in her mouth, which she sometimes does when it tastes bad. She opened her mouth at my prompting and a big stream just poured forth down her front.

It was much worse when we got home. I was getting really weirded out by her refusal to speak and whining and then when I did get her to open her mouth the huge puddle of drool. I called the pediatrician’s office and left a message for the nurse. And as soon as I hung up it hit me:

“Open your mouth.” I told Bella. “Wide. Say AAAAAHHHH.”

Yep. Right lower and upper molars poking through the gums. I probed them with my finger. “Bella, does your tooth hurt?”

“My toof hurts. I need some medcinine.”

“No problem. Let me put Phia down for her nap and I’ll get you some medicine.”

Tylenol and Orajel to the rescue! Add in a bowl of frozen strawberries and I have a much, much happier toddler. I just need to keep on her about wiping that runny nose. Oh and swallowing the saliva. I have no idea why she lets it pool in her mouth rather than swallowing. Weird.

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