Six Month Checkup

Six Month Checkup

“Bella, get your shoes. As soon as Phia’s done eating, we’re going to the doctor. We’re going to take Phia to see the doctor.”

I emphasized that it was Sophia’s appointment and not her own; but I didn’t really expect her to get upset. She started to cry. I thought we’d passed the fear of the doctor when Sophia was born. Bella hasn’t had to get shots in so long. But I guess watching Sophia get stuck last time was pretty hard.

She cries when we go out the door. She cries when we arrive at the doctor’s office. Only a promise that she’ll get to see the fishies calms her down. She runs to stand on the chair as I check us in and pay: “Fishies! Fishies. Hi, fishy, fishy, fishy! Bubbles, Mama, bubbles.” Everyone in the waiting room smiles to hear Bella’s delight ringing out.

And then I sit down and must “read a book, read a book, read a book.”

But the tears resume when we approach the exam room and the wailing bursts forth when I take Sophia in her diaper to be weighed. A small calm returns and we read the book. And when the doctor, our smiling pediatrician whom I love, when Dr. M. enters, she howls. And then Sophia begins to howl too. A chorus.

I talk over the screaming to our still-smiling doctor. He’s used to his unpopularity with his younger patients. When he finally leaves the screaming stops. And Bella begins to name things: changing table, sink, window, paper towels, soap, lotion. Even when the nurse reappears with a fistful of syringes, Bella is calm. Though as soon as my poor Sophia gets pricked, she howls again.

And then the storm is over. I cuddle my baby to my chest and wipe noses and Bella picks up her bag and her book and resumes chatting with the fishies as I check out.

So now Miss Sophia is 25.75 inches long, 16 pounds, 3 ounces. Healthy and growing well.

Isabella helped me make muffins and helped me eat them and then went down for her nap. All is well.


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  • glad you didn’t end up with glass in the food… i’ve done that…

    So, it it wasn’t safety glass, would it have been worse?

  • Would it have been worse? Well maybe it might have made for easier clean up, maybe not. Safety glass breaks up into many small pieces that are still too big to just wash down the sink. So we had to carefully pick up each one. Regular glass frequently breaks into much larger pieces but sharper too.