Still Life with Pooh and Beatrix Potter

Still Life with Pooh and Beatrix Potter


When I rearranged Isabella’s room to fit in her new bed, this little night stand which had been tucked away behind my rocking chair had to be moved to make way for the crib. It acquired a new prominence in the room and I was inspired to create this arrangement: One of the table lamps we received as a wedding present, our volume of The World of Pooh, Isabella’s San Damiano crucifix that used to hang over her bed but the nail came out of the wall (probably because we used to take it off every night so she could kiss Jesus) and I’ve never rehung it, a little metal container that originally was a fruit basket for Bella’s birthday and which is the perfect size to hold our collection of Beatrix Potter books. It made such a pretty picture, I just had to share.



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  • Eileen,

    There seems to be a time-out feature on the comments. If you let it sit for too long, it won’t post. You have to re-load the page and, I suppose, re-enter the code word. I don’t have to enter a code word when I comment, of course. So I’m not sure about that part. But it does time out on me as well.

  • Oops, tried to comment earlier and when I went to preview I entered the code word, but nothing showed.  So, here I go again.  Hopefully I won’t have a double post. 
    Anyway, what I had commented on was how magnificient those photos were of your beautiful church and its parishoners.  Also, that Cardinal O’Malley harkens from my neck of the woods…Lakewood, Ohio.  The Cleveland diocese and Boston diocese kind of switched out their natives.  Bishop Richard Lennon has been the bishop here, I believe, 4 years.  Glad you appreciate the Cardinal as I do hear many wonderful things about him.  And speaking of wonderful shepherds, I must add Archbishop Chaput of Denver.  Even before all the great things he said regarding Pelosi, Biden I knew he was down to earth when he emailed me directly after I noticed on his website he does such a thing.  I had mentioned a trip to Denver that my husband and I were taking and checked on the Cathedral’s Mass times, and also mentioned how much I appreciate his orthodoxy.  He was extremely gracious in his reply back.