Expotition around the Block

Expotition around the Block

Sunday coming home from a day trip to Maine Sophia had an exploding diaper. Last night I noticed that the car seat cover had a big spot on it. So I put it in the washer to soak overnight and today I’m finishing the wash and drying it. Which means we can’t go out.

So when Bella asked to go for a walk I had to consider. Sophia’s really still too small to sit in the stroller on her own I still put her in the carseat/carrier which snaps on to the stroller. So for a change of pace I strapped Sophie into the front carrier and grabbed Bella’s hand and we set off for a trek around the block on foot.

Bella thought a walk sans stroller was a great idea and hopped and ran and stopped to sit on walls and to pick flowers and acorns and sticks and rocks and pine cones…. we should have brought a bucket as her hands were having trouble juggling it all by the time we returned to our own gate. It was nice to circumnavigate the block at a toddler’s pace. And Sophia seemed to like it quite well. When a car raced by with its music blaring Bella stopped to dance her bouncy-squatty little toddler dance. She was very good at holding my hand when we came to a stretch of the road with no sidewalk and we had to walk in the street.

I tend to think of going for a walk like setting out for an expedition. Packing the girls into the big double stroller, stocking the bag with snacks and a sippy cup and preparing to be out for a while. I forget that something a little smaller and more spontaneous is possible, that going around the block can be as much of an adventure as a longer walk.

Tomorrow we will have a real expedition, though. We’ve just been notified that the bassinet/co-sleeper Sophie is currently using has been recalled. So we’ll have to cart it to Target to exchange it. That should be fun with the two girls.

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  • numbers 7 and 8 are my faves! Looks like Phia was fading out about number 10……..downloading to my phone as I type….