Critter Invasion

Critter Invasion

We’ve had the fruit fly swarms of doom circling in our kitchen with a few scouts discovered in the bathroom and living areas.

And the giant ants that have appeared periodically since spring and just when I get geared up to do battle they seem to disappear and so I don’t buy the ant traps at the store.

And then tonight I found mouse droppings in the cabinet where we keep the beans and rice and all the plastic food storage containers. Ick, ick, and double ick!!! They’d chewed a hole in a bag of sushi rice and there were some scattered black beans. Everything else seemed fine but I’ve pulled everything out of the cupboard until we can get some traps or an exterminator. Not much hope of plugging the hole as there is also a big gap between this and the next cabinet.

My stomach is still churning from the mouse mess. Thank God for husbands with strong intestinal fortitude.

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  • Thanks, Maureen, that’s good to know. I’ll be sure to amend it to St Dorothy when I read the book to Bella.

    Where did you find that, by the way? Everything I saw said she was never formally canonized.

    The introduction does note that some of the people listed as blessed or venerable might have since been canonized since it is an ongoing process; but Dorothy has no title in front of her name not saint, venerable or blessed. I wonder why that is. It’s a little odd that this book which was published in 2003 wouldn’t have her listed as a saint.

  • St. Dorothy of Montau was canonized in 1976, so she is indeed a saint.

    Heh. And people complain that the Vatican is slow. Just because they drop the canonization process in 1404 and don’t pick it up again until the seventies. smile