Urgent Prayer Request (Updated)

Urgent Prayer Request (Updated)

Please say some prayers for my sister’s friend and former co-worker, Fred. He was in a serious car accident over the weekend and is in the ICU on a ventilator. I believe he had to have brain surgery. He has a young son who I am sure is quite distressed. Keep him and Fred’s parents in your prayers as well.


My sister says things are not looking up. A second brain scan shows more damage than they initially thought. He’s not likely to make it. Lord, have mercy.

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  • I’m glad you are joining in too. I think you are right that the girls will benefit later on. I know I have already learned quite a bit, and I’ve only done one post and drafted another.

  • Oooh! I love plants (reading about them not taking care of them), and taxonomy. Since I don’t have a blog, I’m just going to do the challenge on my own. But I will be sure to read others’ posts; it will be interesting to see what grows in different parts of the country.