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Today’s Walk

Ah music to my ears! As I paused on our walk this afternoon to snap a photo of an unusual flower, Bella exclaimed: “I hear a cricket. Chirp, chirp, chirp.” Indeed there was a cricket chirping nearby. Thank you, Eric Carle and The Very Quiet Cricket, my daughter just made her first insect identification. I […]

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Getting out the box of next size baby clothes for Sophia. I’m finally graduating her to 3-6 month clothes…. she’ll be six months next week. Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to admit she doesn’t fit into most of the 0-3 month stuff. I guess a couple of the dresses were on the […]

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When Beatrix Potter Meets Margaret Wise Brown

We were reading Goodnight Moon this afternoon and Bella pointed to the “old lady whispering hush” and said, “That’s Hunca-Munca. Her name is Hunca-Munca.” A very curious leap of logic. Especially since the old woman is a rabbit and Hunca-Munca is a mouse. Maybe because, like The Tale of Two Bad Mice, Goodnight Moon also […]

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Not at All Well

Something about deciding to go to the doctor sent me over the edge. I was coping, not feeling great but coping. Yesterday and today I have felt really, really, really sick. Every muscle in my body aches and my skin feels as if some gnomes have been creeping into my bed at night and rubbing […]

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I finally broke down and went to the doctor this morning and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. I think I’ve had it for about a month now, since I had a cold back in June. The thing was that unlike previous bouts with bronchitis, I haven’t been coughing constantly. Just four or five […]

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Sorrel Tart

The sorrel tart was a huge success! I made it with green onion and shallot. It had a wonderful lemony flavor, very delicate and so different from the spinach quiche I make, though the recipes look quite similar. I served smashed new potatoes and a green salad on the side. I reserved a few of […]

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The Moon is at the Market

As we pulled into the parking lot at church this morning I heard Bella chanting in the back seat: “God bless the moon and God bless me….” So I joined in and recited the whole rhyme and then asked if she saw the moon. “I don’t see the moon,” she replied. “The moon is at […]

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