Summmer Colds Are the Worst

Summmer Colds Are the Worst

I can’t write anything right now because even though I seem to be able to blog while in early labor, I have a terrible summer head cold and that’s much less conducive to creative thought. I woke up yesterday morning at 4:30 with my throat on fire. By bedtime last night I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all. I tried to do a saline wash and the water wouldn’t even go through my sinuses until after I’d taken a steamy hot shower. So unless the Sudafed kicks in soon, I’ll not be blogging today. And probably not sleeping either.

At least I know it won’t last long. Dom had the sore throat Sunday and the stopped up sinuses Monday and was feeling fine last night.

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  • No worries. I still remember Texas in August. We visit in December and January when yes everything may be brown except the live oaks and mesquite but at least its COOL. And such a nice change from New England winter.

  • Oh, Melanie, that was great! Thanks for sharing! Yeah, the climate is what I don’t miss about Texas but I miss just about everything else. I’m still trying to coax our old favorite Tex Mex place to give me their salsa recipe. lol

  • Now this clip has got me hopping to go!
    Can I go with you?  We can take the motorhome!  May take a few days to get there.  Now I really want to go too!

    Love Mum B