Back in Mac Heaven

Back in Mac Heaven

The care package from mom arrived today with a replacement power cord for my iBook. I am so glad to put the heavy old Dell back into retirement! Thanks, mom, I’m so glad you’re a nerd!

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  • Funny! India is a draw for me … but I’ve never read A Passage to India, so maybe that would have put me off. I really must start ordering some of Rumer Godden’s adult novels from the library.

  • +JMJ+

    Melanie, I’m with you on India as a setting and have been since before I read A Passage to India.

    Incidentally, I am now reading a novel with a beautiful description of India that captures both what fascinates others and what utterly fails to move me:

    “It had always seemed more interesting to investigate the next temple or teacher; the next Sanskrit poem; to wonder at the ancient dreams and strange phenomena; to walk the multicoloured borderland between purity and dirt that was India.” (Laura Kinsale in My Sweet Folly)

  • I like Rumer Godden; I’ll have to check out Coromandel Sea Change.
    For a little different slant on India, you might like something by Kamala Markandaya. My favorite is “Nectar in a Sieve”.
    I got fascinated with India because my Dad has everything Rudyard Kipling ever wrote.