Murphy’s Day

Murphy’s Day

If it can go wrong…

My iBook died this morning. I think the power cord shorted out (this would be the second or third cord that’s shorted on me). In any case, it wouldn’t turn on at all.

I’m typing this on my ancient Dell laptop (Dom helped me to set it up when he came home) and boy is it driving me crazy. It’s huge, heavy, (which means I can’t really use it while nursing, which is my prime computing time)  the keys are in the wrong place, I can’t do the two-finger scroll on the track pad, it doesn’t remember my current passwords…. I know, I shouldn’t complain. At least I have internet access finally.

I can’t believe what a wimp I am. One day without a computer and I didn’t know what to do with myself. But the morning I had just demanded a blog entry. I started composing it in my head on the way home…. and then realized I had no way to write it down. The only thing worse than writer’s block is being a frustrated blogger who can’t write.

It was one of those mornings. Sophie actually slept through the night. Which was AWESOME. But she and Bella woke up at the same time and were both hungry. So I was trying to get Bella’s food on the table with hungry baby wailing in my ear. And, well, lactating issues, if you know what I mean.

And then I sat down to feed her and didn’t notice the computer right away because I said morning prayer first—an accomplishment as I’ve been really slacking of late—and I’m sure that helped me to get through the rest of the day.

I did all the troubleshooting on the computer, checking cords and the outlet and all. Called Dom and he walked me through reseating the battery. Nope, still dead. Decide to cancel my other plans and take a trip to the mac store to see if they can confirm my diagnosis and whether they have the power cord I need in stock.  Called my mom to get more sympathy and it turns out she has a dead iBook and volunteers to send me the cable. Woohoo!!! That saved me both a trip and some cash that I really can’t afford to spend.

So then back to our regularly scheduled program. Slight hiccup as Sophia wets all over herself, her clean shirt, the changing table and a clean diaper and I have to change the linens and find a new outfit. Then we’re off to the post office with a bundle of books to mail out.

And that’s where I run into the major hitch of the day. I click the power lock on the key bob, drop the keys and my wallet into the bag with all the books, then grab the baby carrier and shut the minivan door. Realizing my keys. are. still. in. the. bag. and. the. bag. is. on. the. floor. of. the. minivan. just. as. the. door. clicks. closed. At least I managed not to say the swear words out loud so Bella didn’t hear me lose my cool.

Still not swearing as I herd Bella into the post office and cut in line to ask the postal clerk if she has a phone I can use because I’ve locked my keys in the car. Not that I have any idea who I can call. Dom is at work at least an hour away. A locksmith? Is that who one calls? She sends me to the door around the corner and calls her supervisor to meet me there.

He is my hero.

He asks if I have AAA and when I sheepishly admit I’ve let it expire, he volunteers to call them on his card, to wait with the car and pretend it’s his. So I don’t have to pay the locksmith. And he calls them on his cell phone. And when they don’t come in the estimated time, he calls again. And he offers to let us sit in the office and offers me a glass of water and compliments Bella on her hat and is so kind and sweet, and reassuring when I feel like such an idiot.

So, everyone who reads this, say a prayer for Terry, the awesome guy at the post office who went way above and beyond in terms of customer service. May he be richly blessed for his goodness and kindness.

The wait was long and of course the girls got cranky. Though Bella was a good sport for about 99% of the time. She really only whined a couple of times and stopped whining when I explained that we couldn’t go yet because mommy locked her keys in the car and we had to wait until the man came who could open it. (One of the other postal workers did try to open the lock with some wire and stuff but was not successful.)

But I do think this was much easier with Bella at two than it would have been a year ago—so much for the so-called terrible twos. I was able to entertain her by singing If You’re Happy and You Know It and having her clap her hands and jump up and down and spin around. And we looked at cars and at the construction equipment across the street and at the flag on the wall and the flowers and the people. Sophie was very good up to the point that she messed her diaper. Then I had to get up and walk around and that controlled the crying a little bit. But of course the diaper bag was in the car and even super duper postal workers don’t have a stash of diapers for ditzy moms who lock their keys in the car.

And I have to add that I was also very impressed by the customer service offered to other customers by the man at the passport window. He was so patient with everyone who came to the window. He even helped a woman fill out the forms for submitting her application for renewal by mail. He could have blown her off. I could tell he was a bit frustrated, but he came out and walked her through everything until she was really all set. And he even found her an envelope. There were several moments with her and with other customers when he could have been cruel, impatient or just a little scathing. But he handled everyone with courtesy and compassion. It was a pleasure to watch him work.

In retrospect, things weren’t nearly as bad as they could have been.  All’s well that ends well and all that jazz. At least the kids weren’t in the car. And I didn’t lose anything but time. Not even my patience. So thanks be to God who saves us from our own stupidity. And keeps us humble too.

Blogging will probably be a bit lighter until I’m back on the iBook. Which I hope it’s only the cable has shorted out and not that the computer is truly dead. Because that would stink.

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  • LOL. Cecilia does that too – tries to make us proud of her by copying Felicity when we applaud Felicity for something. I try to sound pleased when she does it but I try to put much more emphasis when she does something she is supposed to do rather than something she did because Felicity did it. Like when she picks up new words (we are still laughing over one instance when, while James was watching food network, Cecilia picked up Bok Choy) or uses her napkin at dinner, etc.

    In no time Bella will be crawl racing with Sophia. It has been a bit more interesting this time around trying to not limit Cecilia’s area while keeping Felicity safe but it has been so much fun watching the girls play together. Happy to hear Sophia is doing well and her big sister is supporting her along the way!

  • My OLDER kids still try to impress me if they aren’t getting attention for some new skill a younger one acquires.  I tell them, “Yes, I KNOW you can (fill in the blank) at your age, but this is new and exciting for (fill in the kid name)…now what can you do that is new for YOU?”