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Seeing Double

Coming up in August are my birthday and our wedding anniversary. Grandparents on both sides had the same idea for a suitable present: a new camera. We received two cameras of the exact same model this week. I guess they were afraid that there would be no more pictures of Bella and Sophie since Dom […]

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Rolling: The Video Version

Now that Dom’s home and figured out how to get the video off the camera. Sophia rolls from Domenico Bettinelli on Vimeo. Confession: it’s a little staged, only a half roll. But she really did the full back to belly to back roll just before I ran to get the camera.

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Rolling, rolling, rolling

I remember the scene in Kafka’s Metamorphosis where Gregor, turned into a bug, lies on his back and can’t flip over. Gross, but also pathetic. I always feel a bit sorry for the helpless bug that can’t right itself. Recently, we’ve been experiencing that in reverse: Sophia rolls onto her belly and can’t get back […]

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Joseph Pearce on Shakespeare the Catholic

I’ve had Joseph Pearce’s new Shakespeare book on my wishlist since before its release—boy was I excited when I heard it was coming out!—but as I rarely buy new books, I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Reader Elizabeth M. passes on a link to an interview that re-whets my appetite and makes […]

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Texan at Heart

Amanda Witt writes that she is homesick for Texas. Me too. Especially after watching this fun travelogue she posted: Though, truth be told, I think I’d rather wait till it cools down a mite before we go for a visit. I do prefer summer in New England.    

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Summmer Colds Are the Worst

I can’t write anything right now because even though I seem to be able to blog while in early labor, I have a terrible summer head cold and that’s much less conducive to creative thought. I woke up yesterday morning at 4:30 with my throat on fire. By bedtime last night I couldn’t breathe through […]

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When Nature Comes to Call

Just after Dom came home this evening I found a tick on Sophia’s head. Ick!!! I’d thought it was just some matted hair and bent to investigate and found lots of legs. I freaked out, never having seen a tick before, despite years of camping trips and backwoods hiking as a child. It was bigger […]

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Midnight Dancers

Midnight Dancers by Regina Doman It truly is delightful to see your favorite fairy tales given new life. I always liked the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses and I like it even better as a novel, I think, than as a fairy tale. Did I just say that? Yes, I think I do like […]

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