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God Bless Chickens…

…God bless turkeys, God bless sheeps…. This morning I met up with my sister-in-law and another mom in her homeschooling group to go strawberry picking with all the kids. As it turned out the farm in our town closes the strawberry patches on Monday and Tuesday to let them recover from the weekend so we […]

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Surviving the Chaos, Joyfully

Sophie, my baby who slept through the night in her second week home from the hospital, has been having trouble sleeping recently. I’ve been tired and cranky having a nursing baby in my bed all night. And yesterday was one of those days. I’d had only one or two baby-free hours of sleep. I woke […]

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Classical Learning and Higher Education

The New Learning that Failed: On the value of classical learning To add to the files of items diagnosing the ills of the modern academy. An interesting article that examines what exactly has been lost in universities since the classical idea of education has been jettisoned. A couple of excerpts: In acknowledgment of such frequent […]

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Catholic, Reluctantly

Catholic, Reluctantly by Christian M. Frank is the first in the new John Paul 2 High series edited by Regina Doman and published by Sophia Institute Press. Imagio Catholic Fiction seeks to counter the despair, cynicism, and amorality of today’s youth fiction with stories for young readers that feed faith and build virtue. Our books […]

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Farmer’s Market Saturday

Isabella’s first gingerbread man. He didn’t put up much of a fight. Saturday morning we went to the farmer’s market for the first time this season. We didn’t buy much because I went grocery shopping yesterday and forgot that I should hold off on purchasing produce. But we got a carton of lovely ripe strawberries […]

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Holy Sippy Cup, Bat Girl!

Every night we begin our family prayer time with each of us blessing everyone else with holy water. Isabella frequently gets excited and wants to touch everyone’s forehead multiple times. Tonight as we were saying prayers I looked up to see her sprinkling water from her sippy cup into her hand and reaching out towards […]

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